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Welcome to the licensed hypnotherapy/psychotherapy practice of 
Kathy Jo Avery, RN, MAT, CHT, MSW.
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Hypnotherapy is working with the judgment of the conscious mind while accessing the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is emotion based, always active, acts on instincts and habits, interprets literally, it is the realm of long term and possibly forgotten memories, realm of storytelling and metaphor, NOW oriented, prefers silence and reflection and is wired into the body’s physiology through the autonomic nervous system and also into the body’s immune and healing systems. Common misconceptions about hypnotherapy.

You were also gifted with a conscious mind, which is logic based, sometimes inactive, goal oriented, organizes actions, active memory, capable of critical thinking and discriminating, prefers past and future, and uses the will to try to control bodily functions. It houses the “critical factor”, that layer between the two minds.

What can hypnotherapy do for you?

  • Want to lose weight?
  • Want to release an addiction? (alcohol, nicotine, gambling, overspending, addictions…)ManOnPhone1
  • Want to attract a loving partner?
  • Want to improve your communication?
  • Want to understand what you do?
  • Want to get over a trauma or past wound?
  • Want to improve your memory?
  • Want to be more aware in your life?
  • Want help with chronic pain?
  • Want help with insomnia?
  • Want help healing physical challenges whether cancer, arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus, multiple sclerosis or some other devastating illness?

I accept most insurances. Even if unsure, call me.

Thank you for your interest in hypnotherapy and Heartfelt Hypnosis.
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5919 S. Cook, Spokane, WA 99223-6919