Fee Schedule


Hours of operation are Monday through Thursday 10 A.M. to 7 P.M. excluding holidays.

For those who live outside of Spokane and would be having telephone appointments, there are forms, such as the disclosure statement (a Washington state requirement) and my intake forms that I would mail or fax to you and need the completed and signed forms back prior to our first session. Equipment and setting needed for telephone clients are the following: either a good speaker phone or ear piece with good reception for hypnosis and a quiet, uninterrupted environment. If you are hoping to use insurance, be advised that insurance companies do not pay for telephone appointments, with the exception of crisis calls.

FeesJoyKathy Jo will be able to let you know if a call, made during the an intended face to face scheduled appointment time or an improptu emergent call, qualifies as a ‘crisis call.’FeesPiggyBank

Please call me to see how I may get creative in allowing you to have long distance sessions without using your insurance! You never know how creative we can be until we try!

I have an insurance supervisor that I bill most insurance through. I would be happy to discuss that with you over the phone.

I prefer 85 minutes for the first session. That allows clients to share all they wish and still have time to mutually develop a plan of care. Therefore, I offer clients their first session at the price of a 50 min session.

What’s my responsibility if I choose to use my mental health benefits of my health insurance? 
I recommend that you get the answers to the following five questions (preferably thru your plan’s web site or most recent plan booklet knowing that the telephone service advice is not legally binding to the insurance company):

  • How many outpatient mental health visits do I get in a benefit year?
  • What does my insurance benefit year run (Ex: May-April, Jan-Dec)?
  • Do I have a deductible before my benefits kick in?
  • Does my plan require my primary doctor to write a referral?
  • Does my plan require me to fax or send the referral in to my insurance company in order to get a file claim # to be used when the insurance company is billed?

FeesStonesMany people ask me how many sessions are needed for their particular issue(s). That is a reasonable question and best answered when I have done an intake first session appointment.

My smoking cessation clients have quit in generally 6-9 sessions. My weight mastery or eating mastery clients often see the value of several spaced out over the year as they master each step of the plan before attempting to incorporate the next new phases in the program. Clients wishing to access a particular answer from their memory often take 3 sessions.

Kathy Jo Avery, RN, MAT, CHT, MSW.
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