Feeling to needy?

What if I have felt needy a lot in my life?
It doesn’t matter how old you are when you decide to become more loving and trusting of yourself and be able to form secure, safe, loving bonds with others who also seek a healthy, safe love. The fact that you want a better experience for yourself and with others is the first step!

What if instead of clinging I am reclusive or a loner?
We are a clan species. There is no conceivable way we can live comfortably without the help of others. If you doubt me, answer these questions. Did you create the electricity or refined gasoline you use? Do you, or someone who helps you, shop at a market or grocery store? We are interdependent with one another. It uses up a lot of your precious energy to have to be so guarded. A recluse may not experience the comfort and security of a strong support system.

What if I question whether my present intimate relationship is healthy?
If your current partner is verbally or physically abusive, overly controlling or coercive to the point that you do not feel you are safe to ask for what you want or share your thoughts, emotions or desires with your partner, then you may wish to:

Call First Call for Help – (509) 838-4428

Call the local Domestic Violence Program (insert that number and address here)

See my link on couples counseling.

Can’t I just decide to be more loving to myself and others?
That’s a great conscious choice. How are you going to reprogram that which is held in the unconscious mind that you are unaware of? How are you going to heal your old wounds without denying to your inner child that it didn’t happen? In a culture that values thoughts and accomplishments, how are you going to learn self-love that is meaningful to you? You can’t give to yourself what you don’t feel already. How do you re-wire an old program to one that easily accepts loving yourself and those you choose to love? Call me at (509) 448-5660.

Hypnotherapy finds healthy ways to re-wire your brain, Hypnotherapy is an excellent way to change the distorted thinking the conscious mind holds to any of the insecure attachment disorder types. It helps heal the wounds in the emotional, unconscious mind and from there reprogram your thoughts and beliefs as you want to hold in your programming. Hypnotherapy is a loving and efficient way to heal old wounds, re-parent yourself and reprogram yourself to the beliefs and social patterns that will work best for you and those around you that struggle with your insecure attachment related behaviors. Call me at (509) 448-5660 for more information.

What if my childhood was really bad? Will I end up needing therapy for years?
My goal is for you to learn how your 3 minds work, how to access them, which mind to utilize for any particular job and learn how to heal any old wound and reprogram any old program such as codependency (inherited and reinforced in this culture). Learning this and practicing these skills allows you to have the tools you need, that could help with many other challenges, rather than be dependent on me or any other therapist. Try giving me a call at (509) 448-5660.