Weight Mastery


Our patterns of behavior are a product of our underlying auto-pilot programming of feelings, thoughts and beliefs, many of which were laid down without your consent and may not have been reviewed since being an adult. Hypnotherapy is used to access the body’s metabolism and also gain insights in to your underlying hidden programming and allow you to reprogram your feelings, thoughts and beliefs around food, your body and exercise to better serve you.

You will be given a supportive audio recording to reinforce daily your new, healthy beliefs, thoughts and feelings.

I. My Body’s Relationship with Food:

  • Accessing your body’s thermic metabolic rate through hypnosis
  • Heighten awareness for utilizing your other senses for pleasure in your dayWeightImageRight
  • Learning mindful eating
  • Assessing portion sizes
  • Meal planning to your lifestyle

II. My Emotional and Mental Relationship with Food:

  • Dealing with problematic emotions
  • Dealing with problematic times of day
  • Dealing with foods that tempt you
  • Dealing with problematic schedules that promote a famished experience

III. My Relationship with my Body and Movement/Activity

  • Learning the facts, fables and beliefs we hold related to movement/activity
  • Dealing with resistance to activity/movement on work days
  • Dealing with resistance to consistent movement/activity regime
  • Finding variety of ways to enjoy movement/activity


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